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Dog Slide ShowMy forte is not only working and training a variety of breeds of dogs, but especially the “throw-away” dog – the one that’s been through various other types of training, the one that has been asked not to return to classes or facilites because of uncontrollable behaviors and still isn’t trained. I have never met a dog that I could not help.

Your dog is capable of greatness. If you would like to experience the relationship with your dog that only exists in your dreams please contact the Indiana Dog Trainer so we may discuss how we can help you have the companion of a lifetime".
Tim Fraze 317-504-5958

Hear what Martin Deeley has to say about Indiana Dog Trainer...

"Quiet, patient and confident is how I would describe Tim Fraze. He has a way with dogs that is quite unique. Watching Tim you realize that dogs not only like him but respect him for the manner in which he communicates with them.

Unassuming and modest in his approach, Tim shone in his work with myself at the International School for Dog Trainers. Large or small, difficult, confused, bold and even nervous dogs responded to Tim’s ministering. It was as though there were hidden messages going between man and dog. Messages that created the knowledge and understanding of what the problems were and what they had to do together to solve them. And solve them they did.

Tim’s heart and mind is in dog work and helping his canine companions to learn and create the habits that will enable them to build a happy and long relationship with their owners. Tim is a man I would send my dogs to. He is not only a dog man he is a teacher of people."

Humane Society AwardIndiana Dog Trainer receives an award from Hamilton County Humane Society.

The Indiana Dog Trainer receiving an award for working with and saving dogs who "would have had no chance" according to Rebecca Stevens– Executive Director Hamilton County Humane Society.