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MollyTracey and Brutus

If you are like me, you found yourself here on Tim's site just when you think you have run out of options.

I am an owner of a German Shepherd. We have been the owners since the day he turned 8 weeks old. We gave him lots of love and I essentially became 'mommy' to him.

Our dog developed some bad habits along his first year of life. We suffered through a very painful period of teething. But that developed into worse habits such as biting, chewing and destroying things. Our GSD became pretty much  out of control. I was always unsure how he would react around others and I think he sensed that. We found out the hard way when my husband's coworker wanted to pet him. I wanted this to be the case because had always read to make sure to 'socialize' your dog. Bru lunged at him snapped and snarled. It took all my strength to hold him back. He had decided to take on the role of leader of our pack since no one else was doing the job.

At my wits end and seemingly out of options I called a local K9 officer who also trains K9 GSDs. I was told if he did it once, he will probably do it again. I was devastated. Although I knew he would never hurt us or anyone he knew, I was afraid he would hurt someone else. It meant one of 2 things. He was not adoptable so he would have to be put down, or I could completely ignore what the K9 officer said and continue my search for answers.

That is how I found Tim Fraze's site. I called him and told him what happened. I was in tears because I love my dog and I didn't want to lose him and I sure didn't want to give up on him! Tim wasn't about to let us give up and he gave us the hope we needed. Even *after* I told him all of our dog's bad habits.

A short list of Brutus's problems:

* Chasing cars. I couldn't walk him without literally being dragged down the street. If a car passed, there was simply no holding him back. He had moves that Walter Payton would envy. Thus his nickname: Sweetness.

* chewing, destroying furniture

* he had a problem with squirrels. Heaven help any squirrel that came in our yard. If he looked out our glass door and saw a squirrel, he would tear our curtains down trying to get to it. We had to nail the curtains to the wall! I was afraid because of his strength that he would eventually bust through that glass door.

* We couldn't pet him because he considered our hands as chew toys. This made him a dog that we really couldn't enjoy. My sons didn't even want to be around him.

* Because our dog was unsure of his place in our 'pack' he would *constantly* be on the move, never sure what to do. I honestly thought he had ADHD. No, he just needed to be assured of his place in the pack.

* He would terrorize our very patient cat. Although he never bit her, he would assert his power over her and let her know that he ran the show.

* He would jump on people (if he knew them). Which made family and friends not want to be around him.

Now I could sit here and and write many more problems we had. But I had mentioned that this was a 'short list'. Just consider that most every bad habit a dog could possess, he probably had it. A short list of what Brutus does now after staying with Tim and Danielle:

What he does now is pretty much what we want him too! That is saying A LOT believe me! He knows his place and we know ours. He is happier now and so are we. He no longer wonders around destroying things. Our cat is happier too. She still can't figure out why he doesn't take off chasing her when she walks by him .

The training doesn't end with the dog. Look at it like a mathematical formula. If all the parts to the formula aren't there, you can't possibly come up with the correct solution.

You will be trained as well. You might be surprised what you learn about your dog and yourself! You *are* part of the formula. Working with Tim, Danielle, your dog and your family, you will come up with the correct solution!

I just want to say one more thing. Before we set up a time for Tim and Danielle to take our dog, we had an initial meeting. Usually our dog would wonder around aimlessly and sure didn't think much of people he didn't know.

But as we sat and talked to Tim and Danielle, Brutus went over by Tim and just laid down by him. This made my jaw drop. Tim truly does have a natural way with dogs I have no doubts. As for Danielle, well all I can say is that her passion for dogs is crystal clear. She has your dog's best interest at heart and that girl knows her stuff!

Do your dog and yourself a favor. Call Tim. He truly did save my dog's life.

Here at Indiana Dog Trainer we feel that there is greatness in every dog.

If you would like to see how great your dog is contact us for a free consultation.

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