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I just wanted to write and give you an update on Carmen. She is doing great! You completely changed her and my life (a lot less stress). Before I dropped Carmen off to you she would chase anything that moved, wouldn't come to me outside.......well wouldn't do anything for me outside besides run away Her dog aggression was constantly getting worse. She would pull on the leash so hard she would drag you down. She was bouncing off the walls and her anxiety was through the roof. She was driving me insane. The people that knew her before I took her to you don't recognize her now. They all say "wow she is really calm now". I was at the point where I thought if I couldn't find someone to get her turned around I was going to have to find her a new home. Now she goes with me everywhere and everyone says what a good dog she is. They can't believe how well behaved she is. Whenever we are outside at home she can now be off her leash and she doesn't try to run away any more or chase birds or anything that moves. She doesn't jump on my customers when they walk through the door. I only have to ask her one time to do something (maybe two if someone new is around). I was ready to give her away. Just a few months later, there isn't enough money in the world to buy her. You truly have given me a priceless dog.

CarmenI thought I might share a little story with you as well. As you know we have two inside dogs Carmen and Diesel, well my wife, Kristen, didn't think it was a good idea taking Carmen to training. In her words "There is no way that they will change her. She is a spas and doesn't listen to anything you say. Too bad she isn't as smart as my dog (diesel)" I tried to get her to take diesel with Carmen so they both would be trained, but, oh no! Her dog didn't need training. He was perfect (far from it)! Plus she thought it was too expensive (best money I've ever spent). Anyways it couldn't have been 2 or 3 days after Carmen came home my wife Kristen decided to bake some blueberry muffins. She took them out of the oven and left them on the counter to cool. I gave Carmen her bed command and then Kristen and I went upstairs to put my 1 year old daughter to bed. When we came back down stairs Diesel had both feet up on the counter eating a blueberry muffin. When Kristen yelled at him he took off with it into the dinning room and circled the table until the muffin was gone, the only thing I could say to my wife was.........."are you ready to take him yet"? I laughed so hard I cried.Aall along Carmen was still on her bed where I left her. I just want to thank you again. You did an amazing job with Carmen.

Chad Huff


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