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MollyPaula and Daisy

It has just been over 5 weeks that I brought Daisy home from Indiana Dog Trainer and she is just the best dog. I got her at 8 weeks old. The. Breeder told me that the puppy I was going to get was pretty dominate even as a puppy. I really didn't have any concerns because I had dogs before and felt that with my knowledge in dog training that I could train this puppy also.

How wrong I was, Daisy had challenged me in everything. The only thing that was easy in training her was housebreaking her, which was with in a week or two of bringing her home. The most serious problem I had with her was bitting me. She started not long after I brought her home and she never stopped till she went through the training with Tim and Danielle. She did not bite to be mean, she did it when she was in the house she would walk behind me and bite my ankles or the back of my legs. She would bite my hands and arms when walking her and she pulled on the leash all the time we would be on a walk. When I would throw one of her toys she would  bite when I would throw or pick up the toy.

She would get into the waste baskets and tear up paper she would grab a sock or slipper or a glove and run with it out her dog door. I would chase her in circles trying to get it back. She thought it was a game because she would go get something off the counter or trash and bring it into the room I was in and she would wait till I noticed her and then she would run, with me right behind her. She would constantly jump on me and everyone that come to the house. She had done so many things that I had never had to deal with before. I was at a point that I had decided to try and find someone who would buy her, but I had gotten attached to her even with all her fault's. And not knowing till I had talked to Tim that many of the issues I had with Daisy was some of my fault in the things that I was letting her do. Now with the month of training that Daisy had with Tim and Danielle she is a great dog, I couldn't be happier. Now when we go on walks I don't even hold the leash and she walks right next to me. She sits when we stop and she sits each time before she goes in or outside a door. There is no counter surfing no getting in the trash. I am just so glad that I found Tim's website and he was willing to give her a chance in his training program. I can't say enough good things about Indiana Dog Trainer and Tim and Danielle's work.

Thanks again Tim and Danielle, Paula and Daisy.

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