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MollyDodge and Sadie

Walking our dogs around the neighborhood used to bring us nothing but embarrassment and frustration. Our dogs would try to run after any distractions we would come across, and would pull us so hard that by the end of our walk, we would have leash marks dug into our hands!

Thanks to Indiana Dog Trainer bringing out the best in our dogs, going on a walk is now something we can all enjoy. Dodge and Sadie no longer pull on the leashes, they ignore distractions, and can even walk off leash! We honestly never thought we would have such well behaved dogs in public. We tried the "traditional" methods of training, with the treats and rewards, but never were able to get the results we were looking for. Tim and Danielle showed us how to truly communicate with our dogs. We always made excuses for their "over-eager" behavior, when really the problem was our lack of leadership ability. Thanks to Tim and Danielle teaching us how to be the pack leaders, ALL of the annoying habits our dogs had are gone. They no longer jump on us when we walk into the house, and they no longer jump on other people. They sit quietly on their beds when we tell them to. They don't surf the counters for food, and they come when we call them. They also sit calmly in the car, instead of running all over the place like they used to. Dodge had anxiety that was increasing in severity when one of us would leave the house, and now he stays comfortably on his bed instead of running circles around the family room and whining like he used to.

Sadie's dominant attitude has improved so much. She loves the leadership we give her and no longer feels like she has to run the roost. It's so nice to have the education and ability to give our dogs what they truly need. We highly recommend Indiana Dog Trainer, and wish we had done it so much sooner!

Here at Indiana Dog Trainer we feel that there is greatness in every dog.

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