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We are so happy with the way that Grissom turned out after spending time with you and Danielle! When I first got Grissom, my husband David was in Iraq and so he didn’t meet Grissom until he was 7 months old. By then, Grissom had already formed a bond with me where he felt as if he had to protect me from others. Of course, I didn’t realize this was a problem until David came home and Grissom wouldn’t let David anywhere near me and continued to bark, growl, and even snap at him. That doesn’t sound that bad but trust me it was very bad! After this lasted for 3 days we realized we had a BIG problem (not just because Grissom was already 70 pounds either!). I didn’t want to have to get rid of him so I looked around online and found the Indiana Dog Trainer and all I can say is THANK GOD!

We took Grissom over there to them and he stayed for 3 weeks. When I got him back, David was already in Iraq again but I could already tell a huge difference. He was actually listening to me! With the help of Tim I realized that I had to be more of a leader instead of a follower. What a difference it made. Grissom was a whole new dog and I was a very different owner which made it easier on both of us. Of course the biggest test was when David came home again 6 months later. I was a little worried about this so I let Grissom go back to the Dog Trainer for a week (more so for David to wind down than Grissom). David and I went, picked Grissom up and everything went so well! Grissom actually rode back home with his head on David’s shoulder and was licking his earsJ.

When we got home things were a little uncomfortable at first but this didn’t last too long. David took charge and Grissom followed right along. We were able to go on walks together and Grissom walked right next David. They were best friends in no time. Grissom also no longer jumps on people, he doesn't bark or whine in his crate, and he does his commands immediately. I am so thankful that I found the Indiana Dog Trainer and all that he and Danielle has done for us and Grissom. We are all much happier. Thanks so much for everything. I will without a doubt recommend you to everyone!

David and Elizabeth Lemon


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