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Our Customers are Satisfied...Guaranteed!
Our Guarantee Guarantee

Our training works and we guarantee it for the life of your dog.

Our guarantee is very simple. We guarantee to support and service the investment that you have made in your dog for the rest of its' life.

What we do:

We train your dog using safe, effective, proven methods that do not involve harsh words, harsh corrections, or excessive force. You will be 100% satisfied with your dog when you take him home with you after a visit with us. To ensure that this happens we will spend a minimum of 90 minutes with you and your dog showing you how to control, communicate, and work with your dog so that you may interact as partners in life, with you of course being the senior partner in charge. The training and simple concepts that we will explain to you will last a lifetime.

What if something happens?

In the rare case that once you return home with your dog and you experience any behavior or training problems with your dog, we ask that you call us to discuss the situation. There will be no charge. In the unlikely event that your dog reverts back to some of his old unwanted habits in most instances a simple phone call can easily resolve these issues.

What if a phone call is not enough?

In the very rare case where you are not acheiving the level of enjoyment with your dog that you require and a phone consultaion is not sufficient we will invite you to bring your dog to our facility to train together with you to resolve any problems that you are having as quickly and effectively as possible. If you are located a convienient distance from us, we may also offer to visit your home or business to train with you to resolve any specific problem that you may have. For out of state clients and those located some distance from us a travel charge may apply.

What if that doesn't work.

If after this you still have unresolved issures with your dog and we mutually agree that more training is needed in our facility you may bring your dog back to us for further training. Once more no additional fees will apply; however, if your dog stays overnight a nominal boarding fee may apply.

Does this mean my dog will never do anything wrong again?

Dogs will be dogs and no form of dog training can guarantee that your dog will never do anything wrong; however, we guarantee to work to resolve any training issues we mutually agreed upon when we booked your dog into the Indiana Dog Trainer Boarding School for Dogs for the life of your dog within your family.

Here at Indiana Dog Trainer we feel that there is greatness in every dog.
If you would like to see how great your dog is contact us for a free consultation.

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