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From Rebecca Stevens, Executive Director of the Hamilton County Humane Society...

"TIm Fraze has volunteered his services at the Humane Society for Hamilton County assisting us in the areas of rehabilitation and socialization. Tim's focus has been on our most serious cases from dogs who demonstrated extreme aggression and little socialization to those with resource guarding and dominance issues.

Tim's technlques have been proven time and time again as he has taken some of our most challenging behavioral cases and converted them into not only a passing grade on their tempermant tests, but often a level 1 which is the best score a dog can recieve.

TIm's efforts in working with shelter dogs have saved countless lives and given dogs a second chance they may not have had otherwise. Many are in their forever homes now thriving and showing off their good manners. He also addresses the human interaction aspect with the dogs and how it impacts their behavior which is critical to those having an issue with their new pet in the home environment.

Below are just a few of the dogs that Tim has rehabilitated making it possiblle for us to find them loving homes.

Rebecca Stevens, Executive Director
Humane Society for Hamilton County

Coral Meeko BlackJack
Issue: Resource guarding, fearful of strangers, needed basic obedience skills
Issue: Severe resource guarding poor leash manners
Black Jack
Issues: Basic obedience
and leash manners
Sheridan Ceasar & Tika
Issues: Resource guarding,
dominance, overly protective

Caesar & Tlka
Issues: Caesar was adopted from us and in the home for several months before Tika, also adopted from our shelter, was introduced. Thev had demonstra ted aggression toward each other as they worked through their roles in the familv pack.