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We practiced with the garbage truck TWICE this morning. Once on our walk and once in the living room when it was out front. She did get off of her bed to run to her room once, but was ok to be in a down stay on her bed after one reminder.

We have had several meetings (within a few feet) of other dogs, including former arch enemies! She has not made a peep or pulled. still interested, but not reacting much.

Baseball Batting Cage--we walked and did down stays. the crack of the bat makes her jump a tad, but she responds nicely to me.

Oh and 3 consecutive days with no collar on at night and not making a peep! Yay! I'm so proud of us! Working on everything daily! Hope you all are doing well. I hear you will have my Boss' family dog, Tanners, as a student soon!

Thanks again,
Molly Ault


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