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MollySaving Molly

Thank you very much for helping our family. Our new puppy Molly had become very attached to me which lead her to become very aggressive towards our older dog, Freway and all of the other people that would come near me.

Molly also had a potty training issue that was about to drive me nuts. I have searched our local area for someone to help me deal with her aggressive tendencies but I couldn't find anyone who would take her on. I searched the Internet and found you.

I was so glad that you had a positive attitude and felt that Molly could be helped when no one else would touch her. I just felt as if I couldn't give up on her just yet. I knew the next step would be to have her put to sleep because of this aggressiveness. I was so upset and just besides myself about our cute little puppy that I couldn't help.

When I met you and Danielle I felt at ease leaving her in your care because I knew you had a love for animals and that you would do everything you could to help us. Well, I am happy to say Molly is so much better today. She is a joy to have around and no more potty issues in the house.

I guess the best thing I could say is that, you saved her life and calmed the aggressiveness in this little animal that no one wanted to be around. Thank you sooooooo much and you have made our life so much easier. My older dog, Freway also enjoyed her stay with you while we were on vacation.

Thank You,
Lisa Hickman
Happy Dog Owner

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