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Sagg and BabySagg's Story.

We just wanted to update you on how Saggs has adjusted the first few days back home. She is doing GREAT!

We actually gave her a pretty big test right off the bat by taking her in Petsmart in Noblesville after leaving your place. There were definately a LOT of distactions from the time she got out of the car (which she did beautifully by the way) to walking into the store full of uncontrolled dogs. It took a few times telling her to sit and settle down, but each time we corrected her and before we went any further we made her sit/stay and she followed right along next to us throughout the store. It's amazing how we notice how uncontrolled other dogs are now!

We took her inside and had her sit and stay while we got her bed situated and then had her go to her bed and stay while we got her crate ready, her dinner, and everything else in the house in order. She made no attempt to bug our Bichon (Beans). After we were situated and she had dinner we let her go 'free' and sniff around. She didn't jump on any furniture or get into any trouble. We let her sniff Beans to become aquainted with her, but when we told her to stop she did. (Beans doesn't exactly like other dogs, but if they leave her alone she is fine with them. I have caught her sniffing around in Saggs crate, stealing the kong, and sniffing her bed).

SaggWe decided on putting her crate upstairs - we have a sitting room off our bedroom which is where we spend a lot of time in the evenings and it has worked out perfectly. The stairs were a little tricky for her but after 2 nights she has them all figured out. We started out with the first night just a towel and a kong in her crate, and last night we upgraded to a blanket. Both nights she slept wonderfully - no whining. In fact the only distraction was her SNORING!

The walks have gone good as well. She definately minds me (Gretchen) a little more than Mason on this - she tries to push him a little more each time. But he's doing good and still working on his Aughts. I have them down pat and caught myself saying it to our Bichon - and it worked!

We let her on the couch for a little bit last night with Mason and when it was time to get off she obeyed and went right into her 'room'. In the mornings we don't hear a peep until we take the blanket off and have her come out and sit to get her collar back on (which is after our showers and other morning routines as you suggested).

Work has been a big test for her and we both agree she has passed with an 'A'. She has tested a few times when certain people come in, but as soon as she hears our command she obeys. Everyone is amazed it is the same dog. We have given her a little bit of free time to play with her toys to unwind but as soon as we tell her to get back to her bed she goes straight there!

Sagg and FootballOh and the train! The first time she perked up on her bed but stayed. The 2nd train that came she actually couldn't take it and got up to try to go see. We instructed her back to her bed and she listened and stayed. Later in the afternoon when we heard one coming we let her go free and had her sit at the front door to watch as a reward. Today she did not attempt to get up when the train came!

So as you can see we are all working hard and working together and I think it's clear that we are all a big happy family now, thanks to you guys. It's definately a lot of work and changes on our part, but all for the better and well worth the reward! I can tell Saggs misses Danielle and the other dogs! Here are a few pictures for you!!!!

Thanks again - we will continue to update you on her progress!

Gretchen and Mason Budzynski



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