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Board & Train Indiana Dog Trainer Services and Fees

Option 1: Two Hour Personal Consultation and Training Session:

Bring your dog to our location or if time does not permit we can make arrangements to come to you. Either way, if things are out of control in your household you will be astounded at what a difference a little communication between you and your dog can make. You can become the Pack Leader in your relationship with your dog. We can make a big difference in a short period of time with issues like leash pulling, jumping, certain forms of aggression, or resource guarding.
See how much happier you and your dog can become in only two hours........$250

Option 2: Boarding and Training School:

In only 14 days you can have the dog of your dreams. When you pick up your dog he will be happy, polite, and the companion that you always wanted both on and off leash. The investment for our boarding school is $2,495. This investment includes the cost of a high quality remote trainer that you will use. If your busy lifestyle does not allow you the time to train your dog the way you would like then this program is for you. Our amazing E-Touch approach allows us to train your dog then transfer the control over to you. The length of your dogs stay with us may vary depending upon the severity of the issues involved however the price does not.

Option 3: Private Lesson Program:

For those who have the time and would like to save a little we offer our Private Lesson Program. In four lessons we will show you how to become the leader of your pack and show you how to train your dog and how to ensure that your training lasts. Items covered include leash manners, ignoring people and dogs, sit, down, and come. The fee for this four session program is $899.

Option 4: In-Home Training Program:

Indiana Dog Trainer can come to your home, business, or any other location where ever your dog is your companion and address any issues that you may have. Training for our in-home program includes but is not limited to good behavior on private planes, boats, and total off leash reliability on walks in the neighborhood, on the lake shore, or around horses. This program is designed around your busy lifestyle and is customized for your specific needs. This program is not for everyone, however if you are a busy professional with limited time that wants a well mannered companion it could be the answer that you have been looking for. Call for fees and availability.

At Indiana Dog Trainer we can work around your busy schedule for our consultations with you and your dog. Our Board and Train dates may be booked in advance so while your busy schedule takes you out of town instead of letting your dog sit in a kennel let him or her enjoy a pleasant learning experience at our Boarding School. You will be amazed at the results. We guarantee our work for the rest of your dogs life! We accept out of state dogs.

What your dog will do when you pick him up from the Indiana Dog Trainer Boarding School and Environmental Training Center...

What your dog will also learn not to do at the Indiana Dog Trainer Boarding School and Environmental Training Center...