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MollyTiffany, Lady and Ajaxx

To anyone considering using Indiana Dog Trainer

Unfortunately because of a lack of commitment I have gone through the e-collar training two times! I have two rat terriers Lady 9 and Ajaxx 1 1/2. We had a bit of a dog fight over a crumb of food and I got in the middle and was bit. Rightfully so seeing as how I was acting more like a mommy than a pack leader! My dog Lady had been through the training so I knew what I needed to do but didn't do it. I always felt like by locking them up in kennels or being strict with them I was doing them harm. Turns out I was very mistaken!! After going through the training the first time I knew it worked I saw significant changes in Lady and she was 7 it was amazing! Yet I still did not understand that all of the things they were telling me to do were going to be the best thing for Lady. In reality I was thinking about MYSELF! The petting and toys and treats, constant attention was not helping to establish my pack leader role. So I didn't listen with Lady and sure didn't listen for the first year of Ajaxx's life. It was time to buckle down and listen to the trainers that I know and TRUST! I dropped off Ajaxx first and Lady a few weeks Lady! This time Tim wanted everyone (dogs and humans) on the same EXACT page so we were more likely to succeed. I saw them for the first time in a long time and all I could do was smile!! They have only been home one day, but they are AMAZING! My household is so peaceful I can't believe it took twice for me to figure it out!

Indiana dog trainer puts every ounce of energy they have into what they do and it shows! There hands off approach and leadership has trained my dogs in a gentle way and I really appreciate that. The training is surprisingly more about YOU than your dogs! It is a hard thing to hear that the way you act is harmful for your dogs, especially if you love them like I do. Tim and Danielle taught me how to be a pack leader and my dogs have never been this relaxed EVER!! I have learned to love them in a way that is healthy for them thanks to Indiana dog trainer. They do a lot of hard work, but it is ultimately up to the dogs owner to apply all of the information and training with your dogs. It does not need to take two times, listen to them and apply what they teach it is really that simple!

I only recommend them for training and would only leave my pack with people I trust 100%.  If you want your dogs to have a long, healthy balanced life don't wait you need to call Tim Fraze at Indiana Dog Trainer.

Tiffany Lamorand

A very very satisfied, repeat customer!

Here at Indiana Dog Trainer we feel that there is greatness in every dog.

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