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Wow, simply amazing! We knew that we had a good dog. But, Indiana Dog Trainers helped bring out the "greatness" in Tucker.

He had a very energetic personality with us. For example, when we would come home from work, we would constantly be greeted by loud crying and a rambunctious Tucker. As soon as we let him out of his crate, the jumping on us began. During our walks, his tail would be between his legs. A piece of paper blowing in the wind or a cyclist riding by would make him cower and take cover behind one of us during our walks. When we would give him commands, he would be resistant to us. What were we doing wrong?

Thank goodness for the Indiana Dog Trainers!! We knew Tim Fraze from his volunteer work at the Humane Society where we adopted Tucker. Tim was working with Tucker before we adopted him. We sensed that Tim had a special gift with animals just by watching him interact with Tucker. After a year of separation, Tim was wondering if Tucker would remember him. Clearly not only did Tucker remember him, but he was overjoyed when he saw Tim. Our experience with Tim and Danielle was very positive and rewarding. They focused on both Tucker and us. During Tucker's stay with them, they trained him how to: obey commands, walk like a gentle dog on a leash, and be respectful. However, training us humans was a different story. They taught us how our actions were unintentionally training Tucker to do things that we didn't want him to do.

Tim and Danielle not only know how to work with dogs but they understand them. They give their all with each dog and they treat them like one of their own. The love and compassion they have for the dogs is very evident in their method of training. Sending Tucker to train with Tim and Danielle was the best decision we could have made for him. We can't say enough about Tim and Danielle. They are simply amazing!!

Thank You!!
Jason and Debbie Yoder
Fishers, IN


Here at Indiana Dog Trainer we feel that there is greatness in every dog. If you would like to see how great your dog is contact us for a free consultation.
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