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MazieTyson and Quincy.

My husband (Dustin) and I have two dogs. Tyson is a nine year old pitbull and Quincy is a deaf 5-6 year old dog (we like to think). They weigh 80 pounds apiece and are all tank. They were always "nice" dogs and we always tolerated their disobedience because (we thought) it affected only us. They jumped on people coming in, jumped on windows and their blinds to look out if they could hear something outside, run around the house wrestling with each other, jump on counters looking for food . We had to walk them with a Haiti on to control them, which I hated because everyone thought it was a muzzle and that we had aggressive dogs. No, we just had rowdy dogs. Once we were expecting a child though we knew this had to change.

My husband was on military assignment so I made some calls and was not impressed. Really, one woman I called said she could train a deaf dog no problem then later tells me she clicker trains dogs ... Then I found Tim's website online. I was a little uncertain to kennel and train because I thought the dogs would come back only listening to those that trained them . I could not have been more mistaken. Tim was not hesitant about training a nine year old dog or that he was a pitbull. He was also okay training a deaf dog. I met with Tim and Danielle and they sat down and explained the whole process answering any questions I had. I loved the setup ofthe house rather than a cement kennel. I decided to surprise my husband and have the training done (although I ended up telling him b/c I was so excited after talking to Tim and Danielle).

When the time was up Tim and Danielle spent an afternoon training me to work with the dogs. They were very patient and didn't rush me at all. Returning home with them was wonderful. Once we established the rules applied in their home it was smooth going.

When my husband returned we decided to have him "trained" as well. Tim and Danielle were generous enough to set aside an afternoon for him. That was the icing on the cake as it truly convinced Dustin it was worth it. We took the dogs for a walk and Tim showed Dustin how to train them to walk without a lead, which is something we had always assumed impossible. Again they were patient and didn't rush him whatsoever. Soon Dustin was walking them with a 15' lead dragging on the ground. Tim knew we were buying a new home with some land and that we were going to put around some of the yard. He asked us to wait and see how they did before spending the money on a fence. He was right, Dustin is able to take the dogs out and play fetch on our entire 1.5 acres rather than a much smaller portion of that yard. It is amazing and uplifting to see these dogs at full steam chasing a bailor a Frisbee. We would never have thought they would be able to enjoy that kind of freedom.

We cannot thank Tim and Danielle enough for making this happen. They showed us what our dogs are capable of doing and there is no limit to their potential. Our dogs have given us so much pleasure and Tim and Danielle enabled 'us to be able to return that and give them the much happier life they deserve.

Infinite thanks,
Megan and Dustin

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